Board Members


David Holder, President
Mr. Holder has served on the Castleberry Board of Education since 2001. Since 1993, David Holder has served as a pulpit minister for the Castleberry Church of Christ in River Oaks, TX. Mr
. Holder and his wife Susan have three children, all CISD graduates. Mr. Holder also writes children’s Bible class curriculum and owns a small publishing business.
508 Club Oak, Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Kenneth Romo, Board Vice President
Mr. Romo has served on the Castleberry Board of Education since 2009. Mr. Romo is employed by Fed Ex Supply Chain as a Program Manager. Kenneth and his wife Faviola have three children, all three CISD graduates and one granddaughter that currently attends CISD. Mr. Romo is a 1987 graduate of Castleberry High School.
4601 Custer Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Mary Lou Martinez, Board Secretary
Mrs. Martinez has served on the Castleberry Board of Education
since 2004. Mary Lou Martinez is employ
ed by North Texas Area CHC's, Inc. as an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist. Mrs. Martinez and her hus
band Tony have three sons, all CISD graduates. Mrs. Martinez is on the Leadership Team of North Beverly Hills Neighborhood association and is a member of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, Education Committee and JPS Joint Council.
4900 Terrace Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Doug Lee, Board Member
Mr. Lee has served on the Castleberry Board of Education since 1997. Mr. Lee works as an Information Technology Manager for Citi Group. Mr. Lee and his wife Angela have two children, both CISD graduates. Mr. Lee is a 1974 graduate of Castleberry High School and an avid baseball fan.

5536 Red Cardinal, Fort Worth, Texas 76114

W. E. “Bill” Seybold, Board Member
Mr. Seybold has served on the Castleberry Board of Education since 2005. Mr. Seybold has served school districts as an accountant and business manager, including Castleberry ISD and is currently working as accountant for small business clients. Mr. Seybold and his wife Renee have 2 sons that are both CISD graduates. Mr. Seybold serves as treasurer for the River Oaks Lions’ Club, is a member of the North Ft. Worth Historical Society and River Oaks Historical Society and delivers meals in River Oaks for Meals on Wheels. Bill Seybold previously served in Castleberry Band Boosters. Bill holds a Bachelor of Accounting from Texas Tech and is a Tech Marching Band alumnus. Bill has an avid interest in history, bible study, sports and bicycle riding.

748 Schilder, Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Cathy Gatica, Board Member
Mrs. Gatica was elected to the Castleberry Board of Education in 2013. Cathy Gatica is employed by TTI, Inc. as a Customer Contracts Administrator. Mrs. Gatica and her husband Mark have three sons that are CISD graduates. Attends the OneFaith Church and currently serves on the Praise team. Cathy holds her Bachelor of Science from Texas Wesleyan University and an MBA from Kaplan University.

​4925 Terrace Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76114

Dewey Taliaferro, Board Member
Mr. Taliaferro began serving on the Castleberry Board Education in 2015. Dewey is an administrator for the local division of a nationwide construction subcontractor. Mr. Taliaferro and his wife Melisa have a son and a daughter who attend Castleberry schools. Dewey has previously been involved as a PTO President, member of SBDM committees, DEIC, Stadium Conversion Committee, Athletic & Band Booster Club, and announcer at the CHS Football games. Dewey is a 1986 graduate of Castleberry High School.

137 McGee Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76114