CISD Board Meetings

Castleberry Independent School District Board Meetings
The Castleberry ISD Board of Education usually meets on the second Monday of each month in the board room located in the Castleberry ISD Administration Building at 5228 Ohio Garden, Fort Worth.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting at 5:30 p.m.  Board agendas are posted at the Administration Building, and a summary of the meeting is posted on this web page by the next day.

Citizens of the district should understand the process for dealing with concerns, problems, and complaints relating to the school district.  First, citizens should address their concerns through proper channels- to the teacher, then to the Principals, Executive Director, Superintendent, and finally the Board of Education.

Second, citizens have two avenues to address the Board.  One, citizens of the district may request an item be included on the agenda by submitting a written request to the Superintendent.  Items will be placed on the agenda at the discretion of the Superintendent and Board President.

Two, citizens may address the Board during the "Communication from Citizens" portion of the agenda and when recognized.  Citizens wishing to address the Board must sign up by 7:35p.m. with the appropriate paperwork indicating the topic they want to address. Groups of five persons or more will appoint a representative to present their views.  A citizen's comments to the board are limited to five minutes.  Comments about individual staff or students are not permissible.

Board members will hear comments but not directly engage in discussion with citizens during a board meeting.  In response to a citizen's comments, the Board President may direct the Superintendent to research items and report to the Board at a later meeting.