Teacher Digital Portfolios

Teachers in Castleberry ISD are doing great things in their classrooms to enhance instruction. One of the key components in this transformation is the use of digital tools such as a teacher webpage and/or an online classroom environment. PK-4th grade teachers may use their teacher webpage, their Weebly webpage, or their blog to share information and resources with students and parents. Teachers in grades 5-12 will use Canvas learning management system (LMS) as their online learning environment for file sharing, communication, and collaboration with students. All teachers are expected to submit a digital portfolio by April 28th demonstrating how technology has been utilized in the learning environment. Teachers can use their webpages, blogs, Weebly, and/or their content in Canvas as a portfolio of their use of digital tools for instruction and learning.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 is scheduled as a professional learning day for teachers. Teachers that have completed their digital portfolio according to the timeline below will not be required to attend on this day for professional learning.

To qualify for the day off, teachers will create a short screencast to highlight their artifacts for each component of the Teacher Digital Portfolio Rubric. Teachers will then submit their screencast videos to their campus principals for review. Your principal will provide an assignment in Canvas for you to upload your screencast video which highlights the artifacts in your digital portfolio. 

Timeline for completion: 

August through April 13th - Teachers create/collect artifacts according to the appropriate portfolio rubric

  • Technology Coaches will be available for assistance if needed.
  • The Technology Coaches will set aside days afterschool to assist teachers if needed. Dates and times have not yet been determined.

April 28, 2017 - Portfolio screencast submitted to Principal 

May 30, 2017 - Professional Learning Day/Digital Portfolio Training

Steps to Complete Digital Portfolio:

1. Refer to rubric for expectations of teacher portfolios:
PK-4th Digital Portfolio Rubric
5th-12th Digital Portfolio Rubric

2. Prior to recording a. Locate your artifacts for each component of the rubric and open a new tab in your browser for each artifact. This will make it very easy to move from one component of the rubric to the next during your recording if you have these tabs in order.
b. Plan what you will say for each tab. If you need a sample script click below.
PK-4 (View script) (Get your own copy of the script) 5th-12th  (View script) (Get your own copy of the script)
c. Do a quick "run through" of your presentation to make sure you are prepared to record.

3. Create a screencast of your portfolio to turn in to your principal. You may use either Screencast-o-matic or SMART Notebook recorder. The video should not be more than 3 minutes long. This will only highlight the items that you have completed to fulfill the rubric. 

4. Attach the video file to the campus discussion forum in Canvas
How to link a file within a discussion post in Canvas

Sample Screencasts of Portfolios: 

Elementary sample video of teacher's screencast of digital portfolio artifacts (Sharpschool, Teacher Website). 

Elementary sample video of teacher's screencast of digital portfolio artifacts (Weebly).

Secondary sample video of a teacher's screencast of digital portfolio artifacts.

How-to Screencast Videos:

Using Screencast-o-matic

 Using SMART Notebook Recorder