Crime Stoppers

Contact Tarrant County Crime Stoppers

Hotline: 817-469-8477

Website: (Click on Submit a Campus Tip) 

Mobile App: CCS FFL (available in iTunes and Google Play for free)

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Report to Crime Stoppers FAQ

Why should you give a Crime Stoppers tip?

You are helping to make your school a safer place. Someone may need your help. You could receive a cash reward. YOU WILL BE ANONYMOUS!

Should I report acts of vandalism?

Vandalism of school property is a ticket-able offense and students will be fully prosecuted or monetary restitution may be attached with the offense. If you witness an act of vandalism and anonymously report the crime through the following ways listed below, a monetary reward may be granted.

How do I report a tip to Crime Stoppers during school hours?

Tell a school administrator, staff member, or officer that you would like to give a Crime Stoppers tip. You will be given a private setting to place your tip by phone or online.

What kind of information can I report to Crime Stoppers?

You can report information on any offense including but not limited to weapon possession, drugs, arson, graffiti, vandalism, theft, and assaults. You can also report information on any school violation including but not limited to possession of tobacco or alcohol. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1!!!

How does Crime Stoppers work?

Contact Crime Stoppers via phone or web. You will be given a tip number and will be told when to contact Crime Stoppers again in order to check the status of the reward.

After the Crime Stoppers tip is given, the school resource officer and/or the school administrator will investigate the information provided. If the information provided leads to an arrest or disciplinary action(detention, suspension, etc.), then you will receive a cash reward. Rewards range from $10 - $1,000 and are determined based on the severity of the crime.

How do I pick up the reward?

Tips are approved by the Crime Stoppers Board the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The rewards will be at the banks ready to be picked up the following Monday after the Crime Stoppers Board meeting. Contact Crime Stoppers to retrieve reward pick up information, which includes the bank location, a code word, and the reward amount. You will not have to show any ID or sign for a check at the bank; you will be given cash.