Counseling Resources

Your Castleberry School Counselors and Social Workers have developed resources for students and families during our time of Remote Learning. We realize that this time might bring some level of anxiety, and even sadness with not being in the usual routine, and around their friends and teachers.  Please explore the links below as you help your child through these next days, and know that we are still here, ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you and how we can support students and families during their Remote Learning experience.

Connect With a School Counselor

Each Castleberry ISD campus has provided a plan for continuing to support students in their Social and Emotional Growth while students are participating in Remote Learning Activities.  Please refer to the document for the campus your child attends in order to learn how you and your child can maintain communication with your School Counselor or Social Worker during this time.

Student and Family Resources

The Counselors are providing the following links for parents and students to help provide Social and Emotional Supports while navigating a Remote Learning Environment. Some of the links are simple handouts with helpful tips, and others, such as the Scavenger Hunt have activities children and adolescents may work through to support their learning.

Remote Counseling Plans

Community Resources

Castleberry families, we love and care about you! We want you to know we are here for you during this difficult time. We are all affected by this health epidemic in various ways and together we will get through this stronger than ever. We have created a resource page to help you meet your everyday needs. Please continue to communicate with us and check our Community Resource Page for updates.