Gifted Glossary


A rubric is a chart composed of criteria for evaluation and levels of fulfillment of those criteria.  A rubric allows for standardized evaluation according to specified criteria, making grading simpler and more transparent.

Social-Emotional Needs

Gifted and talented students may have affective needs that include heightened or unusual sensitivity to self-awareness, emotions, and expectations of themselves or others, and a sense of justice, moral judgment, or altruism.  Counselors working in this area may address issues such as perfectionism, depression, underachievement, or career planning.

Talent Development

Programs, curricula, and services for gifted and talented students that can best meet their needs, promote their achievements in life, and contribute to the enhancement of our society when schools identify students’ specific talent strengths and focus educational services on these talents.


To cover the same amount of materials or activities in less time, thereby allowing more time for enrichment activities and projects that better suit the interests, needs, and readiness levels of gifted students.

Tiered Assignments

A differentiated instructional strategy in which all students work toward the same goal, but activities are geared toward each student’s level of understanding.

Twice Exceptional

A term used to describe a student that is both gifted and disabled.  These students may also be referred to as having dual exceptionalities or as being GT/LD.

Underachieving or Underachievement

A term used to describe the discrepancy between a student’s performance and their potential, or ability to perform at a much higher level.